Steelplant, Steelmill Technology

We design different custom-made machines and installations for the steel sector, metallurgy, steel plant and steel mill technology. For this we are using our long term experience and new technologies and ideas as well.

Most of our projects are solutions for the optimization of the material flow, the material preparation, treatment and inspection, removal of scrap, finishing lines, transport devices, metallurgic vehicles, shears, modification and optimization of mill equipment, periphery and auxiliary equipment.

Wartung und Transport von Gießpfannen, Stahlwerk
Steel Ladle Transport System, Ladle Maintenance Stand
Segmentmanipulator Continous Casting Machine
Manipulator für Wechsel von Stranngussegmenten
Segmentmanipulator at Place of Operation
Blechwender, Brammenwender
Plate Turning Machine, Preassembly at Workshop