Finishing Line Equipment

  • chain conveyor
  • cooling bed
  • swedish lever
  • walking beam conveyor 
  • stacking devices
  • weighing devices
  • slab tilting device
  • chain turning device
  • slab turn over device
  • thick plate turn over device
  • turning over device for billets 
  • heavy load shuttle car
  • inspection table with guides for rods and tubes
  • inlet and outlet guides for straightening machine
  • pushing device
  • removing and cross transfer devices
  • feeder skid, cross skid
  • skid transfer
  • separator, sorting device
  • counter devices
  • feeder machines
  • loader
  • extracting devices, slab extractor
  • manipulator for turning over and shifting
  • roller tables, rollways
Finishing Line
Projektzeichnung Rohrhandling Einrichtung
Tube handling device
Kipprollgang für Umschmelzanlage
Tilting rollway
Tube mill equipment