Metallurgical Vehicles, Ladle-, Scrap-, Coil,- Slab Cars

Metallurgical vehicles, track bound or rail less free movable. Different drive configurations like electric, diesel, gas or compressed air, diesel-hydraulic combination.

Transport of scrap, slabs, thick plates, pig iron, liquid steel, slag, coils, rollers and other metallurgical goods.

We design amongst others:

  • Ladle transport car
  • Tundish transport car
  • Slag car
  • Scrap bucket car
  • Slab transport car
  • Plate transfer car
  • Furnace car
  • Coil car
  • Roller transport car
  • Steel ladle transport system
  • Heavy duty transport car
Steel Ladle Transport Car
Coil Transport Car
Tundish Transport Car
Ladle Car with tilting device
Transportsystem for Ladle Maintenance Stand