Storage facilities heavy duty

A neat storage area is important to us.

That is why, together with our customers, we develop suitable, heavy-duty storage racks or transport palets. This leads to an improvement and optimization of the order in the storage and increases the occupational safety of the staff.

Please contact us if you are looking for individual solutions for your storage area!


Roller rack type1

Roller rack for the storage of rollers with a weight of 22t per roller. Due to a foldable roller support, the calibrated roller surfaces do not touch. Accidental tipping of the rollers is impossible.

Roller rack type2

Roller rack for storing rollers with a weight of 34t per roller, which can be placed on top of each other.

Rack for V-Rollers

Rack for storing V-rollers, load capacity per compartment 3600kg

Saw blade palete

Saw blade pallets with a load capacity of 2800kg per pallet, 4-fold stackable, for transport by crane and fork lift. (corresponds to 7 saw blades with Ø2200mm a 400kg)

Rack at the customer, load capacity 2300kg per compartment