Projects, References

Current project:

Development of a grinding head for descaling the inner area of cold tubes.

The project is co- financed by German ministry Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, Code: DLEP16024










Plate Turning Device, Rolling Mill Equipment

Device for 180° Turning of thick Plates, weight up to 30t


Vacuum Chambers for Electrobeam Welding Machines

Vacuum chamber, equipped with transport devices and auxiliary gear

Load handling divice / traverse

Traverse 66.5t for use on a crane with simultaneous use of the main and auxiliary lifts. 
The crossbar is also adjustable for optimal positioning of the variable center of gravity of the load.

Steelworks and rolling mill technology

Finishing lines

Transport devices


Tilting Device


Grinding head for descaling inner area tube, 3D
Grinding head for descaling inner area tube, photo